Our York Region Small Business Events

Our York Region Small Business Networking Events

We like to think we’re just a little bit different when it comes to the York Region small business events we put on.  We try to focus on creating several small, intimate opportunities for small business owners in York Region to connect with each other.  There is no pressure to refer others or recruit others to the group.  Our memberships allow you access to attend our meetings and more.

What makes our events a bit different:

  • Random scheduling.  We hold meetings at various times of the day, day of the week, and location in York Region to ensure as many of you as possible have an opportunity to join us.
  • Free or low-cost events.  Our events are free or very reasonably priced to ensure we don’t cut into your budget!
  • Opportunities to promote your business.  We try to use local venues whenever possible to help those businesses get some extra exposure.

Here is a list of our York Region Small Business Events to give you an idea of what we do (if you haven’t checked out our Event page yet that is 😉 ):

  • Coffee Chats:  These events are casual get togethers at a local coffee shop.
  • Brainstorming for Business Sessions: These have become wildly popular events and all of our members that attend get value out of them.  It’s like market research and business coaching wrapped up into one session.  While working with your peers, you are also getting the point of view from your target market in most cases.
  • Social Events: Golf days, bowing nights and more.  Getting together in a casual and fun setting helps build relationships or nurture existing ones.
  • Learning events: We have held some great workshops on social media, internet marketing and more. We plan to bring more affordable learning events to you in the near future.
  • Tweetups: YRSBiz came to be because of Twitter.  And it continues to grow because we are all able to stay in touch after having met at one of our in person events.  Our YRSBiz Tweetups allow small business owners (or anyone else for that matter) the opportunity to get the basics of Twitter, while meeting those that are already using Twitter.
  • Online Events:  We are hoping to hold more regular Twitter Chats and Twitter Parties to keep you all connected when you can’t get out to events.  We are active on Facebook and are just about to start testing a new online networking platform that we are really excited about

And more events to come!  We’ve only touched the surface of the types of events we want to bring you!  If you have any ideas or suggestions as to an event you’d like to see offered, please leave a comment below!

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