Is there room in my business category?

Our Club is open to everyone and anyone who wants to network.

I'm already a member of another networking group/chamber of commerce. Can I still join?

Absolutely!  We do not have any restrictions on who can join us.  We believe that the more you network, the more it benefits you.  All we do is provide you with more opportunities to do so.  Being a member of other organizations has it’s benefits too.  Most of our events are free for anyone to attend and are not restricted to paying members only. 

I'm shy and not comfortable in large groups of people. How many people are at your events?

We believe that the best connections are made when you have time to really get to know someone.  Our members are all friendly and welcoming.  Most of our events will be small, but you’ll always feel comfortable.    

Will I make money?

That’s up to you.  All we can do is provide you with opportunities to make a lot of new connections.  It’s up to you to take advantage of them and build your network.    

Do you allow MLM/Direct Sales/Network Marketing type businesses?

We are an open and inclusive group and everyone is welcome to join.  While we do have some of these types of businesses that occasionally come out to events, the majority of our members are traditional small business owners or self-employed professionals who are looking to build lasting relationships or partnerships with each other. Our focus is less on direct sales and more on collaboration.

I'm not online. Can I still join?

Of course!  We do believe that having a presence online helps with your networking objectives.  It is the glue that holds those in person connections together.  And similarly, you can make connections online that turn into real-world business relationships (that’s actually how this got started in the first place!).  

I have an amazing product/service/deal/offer etc... Can I talk to/get access to your members?

We receive many requests to speak to our members and/or provide our members with special discounts or offers.  Unfortunately we are limited with the number of events we can host, and therefore are strictly focused on networking.  The purpose of The Biz Club is to provide our members with opportunities to network.  You are welcome to attend our events to network.    

I have another question that hasn't been answered here...

Please use the CONTACT US form to ask your question or provide any other comments or feedback.  Please allow for a few days for us to respond.  If you have an urgent matter, please send us  


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