Upcoming: Donate and Learn Social Media Workshop


godaddy ad 3Would you like to support a great cause and learn about search and social media marketing?


Join us, Tuesday May 28 at 6pm and learn from ABC News, Google Canada and Green Lotus search engine and social media marketing experts. The Donate & Learn Workshop is FREE with a donation to the YWCA Toronto Girls’ Center!


Leading Online Marketing Experts will speak about social media marketing, search engine marketing, SEO and finding a balance in your online marketing strategy. Speakers will provide industry best practices to better manage your online marketing strategy, improve brand awareness and your bottom line.


Register and make your donation on the Donate & Learn Website: http://greenlotus.ca/workshop 

Limited spots are available – Register now and reserve yours!


100% of donations will go to the YWCA Girl’s Center – a judgment free and supportive environment for young women to start building their futures. The YWCA Girls’ Center members are media savvy, fearless future leaders. Join us in supporting members of the Girls’ Center become exactly who they’d like to be!


Whether just starting to plan an online marketing strategy or deep into implementation; the Donate & Learn Workshop will provide the knowledge, strategies and networking opportunities needed to improve online marketing results, and take your businesses to the next level!


For further information visit YWCA Donate & Learn – Search and Social Media Workshop.


Workshop Sponsors: GoDaddy.com, Toronto Star’s NewInHomes.com, Epic Cruises and Big3 Video Marketing Agency.


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SEO Tools for Small Business

Looking for some great SEO Tools for Small Business?  We had an excellent workshop on “What is SEO” a couple weeks ago with Gary from 3BugMedia.com.  We learned the differences between on-page and off-page SEO, the benfits and drawbacks of linking and how to do it properly, how to list our businesses in online directories and much much more!

We are working on planning another great workshop with Gary for September, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, below are some of the SEO Tools for Small Business that Gary referred to during the What is SEO? Workshop.

    • Google Adwords Keyword Tool –  A free tool from Google that let’s you conduct keyword research for your website.  It  will give you global and country specific search estimates as well as a list or related keywords you may not have considered before.


    • My IP Neighbors –  A free tool that let’s you see what other websites are sharing your IP address.  If you are paying less than $40 a month for hosting, you are most likely on a shared hosting account.  You may be sharing your IP address with a few dozen, or a few thousand other websites.  Having too many websites on a single IP address can slow down your website, open it up to hacking, and possibly get your IP address banned if another website is doing something illegal.


    • Pingdom Speed Test –   The load time of your website is a factor in determining  SEO rankings.  Sites hat load slowly usually result in a poor user experience and the search engines consider that a negative factor for a website.  This free tool will conduct a speed test of your website and show you which elements of your site are slowing it down.


    • Yahoo Smushit –  This free tool will compress your images in a lossless fashion.  Images that pass through this tool will have a reduced file size, without losing image quality.  Large image files are a major culprit when it comes to slow website loading and this tool will speed up the loading of your web images.  There is also a plugin available if you are using WordPress.


    • Local Citations – Local citations are important for local SEO.  This articles gives a description of what citations are and lists some of the major citation sources in North America.  *Some of the listings are not available in Canada


Do you have any comments or questions about SEO? Let us know by entering a comment or share them using the buttons below!


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Meeting New Tweeps at Newmarket Tweetup

I’m sure you’ve all heard me say it already… I’m just amazed at the turnout for the Newmarket Tweetup at Mr. Greek’s this past Tuesday night.

We had at least 55 people show up that we were able to count via the RSVP form and registration signup.  I know there were people we missed counting though.  Including at least Brianne from Rogers TV, the SNAP Newmarket reporter and Jane Twinney.

So far everyone has gone out of their way to let us know how thrilled they were about the event and I am so grateful for all the support and the kind words.




I do want to thank Mr. Greek and specifically Guy (don’t we look nice in this picture?) for making this event possible.  Guy has a great sense of humour and I’ve enjoyed working with him on planning this event.  I’m hoping to have a YRSBiz night out for one of the nights they have the belly dancer performing!  Should be fun.

Another thank you to Greg from PromotionalMarketing.ca for providing the swag bags that our YRSBiz members didn’t hesitate to fill with amazing offers and yummy treats!  Of course I am also so grateful to the 25+ business owners that donated prizes!  Wow! It’s all I can say!


I also want to thank my team members GemilTunde and Dana for their support and the time they dedicated to making sure #YRSBizNMKT went smoothly.  None of this would have ever happened if it wasn’t for their commitment to YRSBiz.

A special Thank You to Tunde for also taking these amazing pictures (except the blurry one of the three of us, that was from my iPhone!)  There are more on our Facebook page at: http://facebook.com/yrsbiz, be sure to check them out.  I’ve tried to tag everyone in them, but there may be some I missed, so feel free to tag and share.

Finally, I need to apologize for forgetting to give out one of the prizes at the event!  We didn’t realize until after the event that we hadn’t received the Mabel’s Labels gift certificate.  So, we are going to give it away this week!  Please leave a comment below about #YRSBizNMKT and give us some feedback! Tell us what you loved, what you’d like to see improved (sorry A/C went kaput a few hours before the event!) and let us know if you made a new connection that you are looking forward to getting to know better now!  We will draw from everyone who leaves a post here on Monday and announce it on our Facebook Page for Marketing Monday!

Thank you again to everyone for attending.  I was so thrilled to meet some new faces and get to reconnect with some familiar ones.

Hope to see you all again soon!


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