Omegas and Salads and Air Quality, Oh my! The June posts from the YRSBiz Blogging Circle


Summer is here, and the guest blogs this month cover everything from salads and omegas to air quality and gym memberships.

Happy Reading!


If you are thinking about joining a gym, be sure you read the post from paralegal Samantha Glass over at Patricia Grace’s Out Of the Cosmic Closet. Samantha has some great information about our rights when it comes to gym membership.


Remax/Premier agent Lisa Sinopoli loves salad but finds making them a challenge.  Read her 5 shortcuts for salad  on Denise K. Livotti’s Petits Chefs Academy blog.


Dana Goldstein from Digital Shoebox shares what it’s like to wear slippers to work  with  Juliet Ume from Whole Woman Network.


Evelyn Avila-Palmacci from Tail Waggers knows animals and is not surprised  that Patricia Grace from Out Of the Cosmic Closet feels that animals are spiritual too.


Have you had trouble keeping track of your finances? Lola Coker-Esu from The Socialite’s Manual shares her experience on Lisa Sinopoli’s Vaughan Realty blog.


Kate Howes from shares her practical tips to improve the air quality of your home at  Gemil Lacroix’s G1000 Inspections.


At Tim Baker’s site, The HR Beaker, Tess Cyreks from Weld Done shares a story about perseverance.


Over at Digital Shoebox, Sandra Eamor from Seamor Consulting reveals what life is like now that she has switched to Mac.


If you want information about Omega fatty acids, then head on over to Dr Matthew Bortolussi of Vellore Chiropractic‘s blog to read what Denise K. Livotti from Petit Chef’s Academy has to say.


Have you ever been so busy that you cannot get anything done? Juliet Ume from Whole Woman Network  shares her busy life with Cyreks from Weld Done.


Gemil Lacroix of G1000 Inspections wrote about his success building his business with social media for Sandra Eamor of Seamor Consulting.


Tim Baker, aka The HR Beaker, really takes the party outside over at Kate Howes blog


A paralegal is a worthy investment says Dr Matthew Bortolussi of Vellore ChiropracticRead about his experience on paralegal Samantha Glass‘s blog.


Have a great summer everyone! We look forward to meeting/seeing you at future YRSBiz events!

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The YRSBiz Blogging Circle Round-up: May 2012


Want to read what our members have been sharing in the bloggy-verse?

Just click the links below.

“One treatment from a chiropractor changed my life!”  Gemil Lacroix of G1000 Inspections wrote about his experience with a chiropractor for Dr Matthew Bortolussi of Vellore Chiropractic.


“Rogers ticked me off, so I cancelled cable.”  Over at Digital Shoebox, you can read what Sandra Eamor from Seamor Consulting revealed about what life is like since she cancelled cable.


“Mold to the human body can be devastating.”  Denise K. Livotti of Petits Chefs Academy shared what she knows about mold and your health over at G1000 Inspections.


“The key to good kids party food is to make it fun.”  Kate Howes  from shares some tips about playing with your food on the Petits Chefs Academy blog.


“I’m looking forward to restoring myself.”  Dana Goldstein from Digital Shoebox comes out of the closet about her bad habits on Patricia Grace’s Out Of the Cosmic Closet.


“There’s nothing worse than having a room full of kids that are bored!”  Remax/Premier agent Lisa Sinopoli has some advice about party planning that you can read about at


“You have to learn to serve before you lead.”  At Tim Baker’s site, The HR Beaker, Lola Coker-ESU of The Socialities’ Manual wonders if being a good employee makes you a good boss.

“Living life with only intentions it is like living things up in the air!”  Evelyn Avila-Palmacci from Tail Waggers talks about her intention to get in touch with her Mexican roots again over at Cyrek’s from Weld Done blog.


“In order to love others, you must love yourself first.”  Juliet Ume from Whole Woman Network says you MUST READ the guest post about overcoming stress from Patricia Grace of Out Of the Cosmic Closet.


“That’s right folks, I am a chick welder.”  Cyreks from Weld Done shares the story of how she became a welder with Lola Coker-ESU of The Socialities’ Manual.


“Stop trying to chew gum and walk at the same time.”  If you’ve never heard of mono-tasking, Dr Matthew Bortolussi of Vellore Chiropractic explains it well for Sandra Eamor of Seamor Consulting.


“Get into the zone of ‘dog ownership’.”  If Juliet Ume from Whole Woman Network thinks she is ready for a dog again, the best place to ponder this is at Evelyn Avila-Palmacci’s Tail Waggers blog.


“Marketing myself as a subject matter expert”    If you’ve ever wondered how to make social media work for you, then visit Lisa Sinopoli’s blog to read how Tim Baker, of The HR Beaker (and HR Options) built his network.


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