For the Love of Networking – Valentines Day Contest

We LOVE YOU!  And we LOVE networking!  So we just HAD to run a contest to share some networking LOVE.

There are two events going on Valentine’s Day!

Our first event is right here on this page!  Enter a comment below telling us about a great experience you had networking or how networking has helped your business.  It can be online or in person networking, and it doesn’t have to be one of our networking events.  You can also share your networking tips or any upcoming networking events in the GTA.  We will draw for an Online Membership on Friday from all of the comments entered here on this page!

You have until MIDNIGHT on FEB 14, 2013 to enter!  You’re already here.. enter a comment below now!



Sandra will be at Symposium Cafe in Thornhill from about 10am – 2pm on Valentine’s Day.  Come by to say hello, learn more about us, or just have a coffee and chat!  Please RSVP on FACEBOOK so we know to expect you.





  1. Greg Smith says:

    Unfortunately I cannot attend and share the networking love…have fun

    • sandraeamor says:

      No problem Greg! Leave a comment here about what you love about networking for a chance to win an Online Membership :0

  2. Jenny says:

    People. I love people! And that is what networking about.

    Jenny Alfandary, M.Sc.
    Executive Career and Business Consulting

  3. Donna says:

    Networking allows for growth on both a personal and business level – it is a tandem relationship that continually evolves and enhances who I am, and pushes me to see how I can best serve my friends, associates and clients.

  4. Rula says:

    When I do get a chance to do some in person networking, I enjoy meeting new people and learning about new businesses that I may not have known about prior to that time.

  5. Marjorie says:

    Thanks for the invite, Sandra!
    I would have loved to join you. I will be busy all day though with some meetings and the final preparations for my Special Valentine’s Day Laughter and Chocolate Meditation session at night. It’s gonna be a busy and fun Valentine’s Day!
    Have a great meeting, and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

  6. Riyaz says:

    I am fairly new to Networking, but am learnng all the time.

    What has caught my attention and am realizing is that I need to go with Quality rather then Quantity. I have to be interested in the other party first. I need to be of value to them first. I need to be of benefit to them first. I need to give first. Once others achieve what is of value to them then they will reciprocate accordingly.

    Having 1000+ connections or 5000 “likes”, does not consitute a great network. When the “network” meets it’s obligations of making each party comfortable and fulfilled the aim is met.

    Basically I need to be a great peoples person online or offline, matters not. That to me is Networking.

    Support Local Businesses

  7. mathew says:

    I love networking! In fact just recently I got dental insurance through a person I network with every week! The first person I asked could not give me dental insurance but did suggest someone else (a competitor)that could and they were both in the same weekly networking event. Imagine that, ordinarily it would have been ‘yea sure we can get it for you’ and then not follow through. But since I knew both of them and I liked them a lot and felt really comfortable doing business with both of them.

  8. Lynn-Eaquel says:

    I would love to learn more; unfortunately, I cannot attend today. Have lots and lots of Valentine fun!

  9. Cyreks says:

    I LOVE the people I have met through this business club. I always enjoy hanging out and/or talking with fellow members. I love when I get visits when I’m at craft/trade shows from my friends I met through the club, and I love setting up coffee dates with them when I will be in their area! It’s always great to spend time with friends with common ground.

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