The Biz Club

Networking Online and In-Person

The Biz Club is a business networking group that uses social media, online technologies and in person meetings to achieve success in building networking relationships. We are an open and inclusive networking group.  We welcome all types of businesses and professionals that want to network.

We hold events randomly, but most events are free and open for all to attend.

A few things to note:

  • we do not have chapters
  • anyone can join (Join by signing up for our email list to be notified of events)
  • you do not have to bring or give referrals
  • all business categories can be a member
  • we offer social, low pressure networking opportunities
  • events are not regularly scheduled

We believe that building your network helps you build your business.  Networking is about making partnerships, creating friendships and working together.  Networking is not always about finding clients or customers directly… that’s marketing.  Networking, online and offline, can help you look at things differently, find new markets, partner with people you wouldn’t have originally considered and bring your business to a new level.

Our Mission:

To provide opportunities for small businesses and professionals to create and build lasting relationships with each other using social media, online technologies, and in-person meetings, events and workshops for little to no cost.

The Biz Club is the networking group for you if you:

  • want to meet new small business owners and professionals
  • prefer a relaxed networking atmosphere
  • do not want to be pressured to make referrals
  • enjoy talking about your business AND listening to others talk about theirs
  • want to build relationships and partnerships and maybe make a new friend or two along the way
  • understand that networking isn’t usually about meeting potential clients but more about building relationships that naturally lead to referrals
  • understand that being engaged and participating online is an important part of networking